Management's management consists of the Board of Directors and the Leadership Team.

Board of Directors

Fredrik Ekström, Chairman

Fredrik Ekström is President of Nasdaq Stockholm and Head of European Fixed Income and ESG. Ekström joined the OM Group in 1999 and has held various leading roles in clearing and fixed income throughout his career, including the role as Business Analyst at EDX in London and Head of Risk Management at NeoNet Securities. In 2010 he joined Nasdaq as Chief Risk Officer for Nasdaq Clearing. Over the past decade, he has held a variety of senior leadership roles, including President Nasdaq Clearing and Head of Nasdaq Nordic Fixed Income Exchange. Ekström holds a degree in Economics from Uppsala University. Ekström sits on the board of the Helsinki and Icelandic Exchange. He is also a member of the SNS Board of Trustee. SNS is an independent, non-profit organization and is Sweden’s premier venue for fact-based public debate.

Eve Tamme, Independent Board Member

Eve Tamme is a Senior Climate Policy Advisor with expertise on international carbon markets, including Article 6 of the Paris Agreement, the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) and the intersection of compliance and voluntary carbon markets. She is also experienced in Carbon Capture and Storage regulation, especially Direct Air Capture with CCS (DACCS) and Bioenergy with CCS (BECCS), the European Green Deal and the upcoming Carbon Removal Certification.

Jan Willem Bode, Independent Board Member

Jan-Willem Bode is an expert in the energy and sustainability industry with vast experience from the carbon offset market. He brings over 20 years of experience working on climate finance, project development and project finance, with expertise on the commercial aspect of carbon trading, climate risk assessment of investment portfolios, and revenue and business models within the context of the energy transition. 

Björn Sibbern

Pall Hardarson

Randall Zuccalmaglio

Mats Persson


The Board of Directors have separated the governance of the Puro Standard and crediting rules through the establishment of an independent External Advisory Board.

Advisory board




Antti Vihavainen
CEO, Linkedin
“Just hoping will not prevent the climate crisis. Hope without action is no good. That's why we started”
Marianne Tikkanen
Head of Carbon Removal Supply, Linkedin
“I believe that the change must happen at the industrial scale. In 2050 the carbon net-negative economy needs to be as big as the oil industry is today.”

Leadership Team

Alvin Lee
Head of APAC, LinkedIn
“By combining proactive measures to slash global emissions with the establishment of Carbon Dioxide Removal services at scale, we can mitigate climate change. At, our mission is to grow CDR to gigaton scale.”
Arnaud Defrance
VP, Funding solutions, LinkedIn
It is our duty to already channel all the willing private capital available from CO2 Removal Certificate (CORCs) buyers, climate investors and lenders towards carbon negative industries.
Benno Fuchs
Head of EMEA, LinkedIn
“Long-term carbon removal and permanent storage is not just nice to have – it´s one of the most important instruments in our fight against climate change. But it needs to be scaled, monitored and verified – that´s what we´re here for.”
Elba Horta
Head of Communications, Linkedin
“We must give new value to negative emissions, as they are possible today and need to be quickly deployed to solve the climate crisis.”
Joseph Kockanski
Director, North America, LinkedIn
“The scrouge of climate change negatively impacts all living things on earth. At Puro, we aim to reverse climate change for the good of all.”
Leonard Smith
VP, Methodologies, LinkedIn
“Knowledge frameworks & practical perspective to problem solving can assist in finding the solutions required to problems relating to sustainability & carbon removal.
Tony Risikko
SVP, Platform Linkedin
“It's exciting to build and scale an innovative business that makes a tangible impact on the climate and the economy.”