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Published on November 26, 2021

How to secure carbon removal for your net zero pledge?

In this webinar, CEO Antti Vihavainen explains the  Pre-CORC Framework, a service for corporate or institutional offtakers, who want to secure carbon removal supply by helping early-stage suppliers start new operations. 

Meet a Pre-CORC supplier: Carbo Culture. Tim Preisenhammer, Head of Commercialization, presented the firm's plans for a new biochar facility, their long term vision and how your company can contribute to reaching their ambitious goals.

We also welcomed to Arnaud Defrance, new VP of Funding Solutions, who will be in charge of the Pre-CORC framework. He is coming to us with a proven track record in impact investing, renewable energy project financing, and sustainable infrastructure lending. If you are interested in becoming an offtaker for carbon removal projects contact him at and check our Pre-CORC projects.

Are you ready to include science-based carbon removal in your climate actions? Welcome to learn more about our Carbon Removal Suppliers and don't hesitate to book a meeting or contact us.

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