How to buy CORCs

Become net-zero with carbon removals.
How marketplace works
Net-negative emissions offset
Our suppliers develop carbon net-negative products. In other words, they remove carbon from the atmosphere.
Science based verification
Carbon removals are verified and measured by an independent third party and turned into CO2 Removal Certificates (CORCs).
Industrial scale removals
Climate proactive companies buy CORCs to offset carbon emissions. This creates economic drivers to accelerate the development of CO2 removals.
Same year climate impact
After purchase, buyers can activate CORCs and use them in sustainability reporting and/or developing carbon neutral products and services.

Get started

Many of our buyers start with a pilot. They choose to neutralize the emissions of a geography, an office, a conference, or the business flights in a year. Others decide to become completely net zero with carbon removal.

 For further impact, CORCs can be bundled with products and services to make them carbon neutral. The revenue acquired by carbon removal suppliers propels their growth, compounding the climate effect and accelerating the carbon net-negative economy. 

Imagine that, any business can give a capital injection to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

There are three ways to become climate positive with CORCs.


Online shop

In the online shop you can easily buy up to 150 CORCS using a credit card. The price of CORCs is the Weighted Average Price of CORCs in the last auction plus 20%.


Shop online auctions

Register to marketplace and you can place purchase bids for specific carbon removal method, quantity and price of CORCs. Buyers should bid with a price that reflects the business benefits of buying high-quality carbon offsets.





Pre-purchase agreement

In a Pre-Purchase Agreement buyers secure availability and price by agreeing with one or more suppliers to buy a predetermined amount at a set price in the next auction. To arrange a Pre-Purchase Agreement please contact us. 


Contact us


How do the auctions work?

Auctions are run every two months for four days, with two auction rounds that last 48 hours. Buyers and sellers who register here get access to the auction platform. It is very easy to place a bid and get a match in the auctions.

Round 1

In the first 24-hour window, buyers enter their purchase bids by defining the removal method, how many CORCs they want to buy and at what price. In the next 24 hours, sellers, who have been issued CORCs after going through our verification, choose which bids to accept. The matched bids are published after this first round.

Round 2

Another round of bidding goes on for 48 hours. (The second round is the same as the first round, but buyers and sellers can adjust their strategies based on learnings from the first round. Please note that no bids are carried over to the second round.)

CORCs are invoiced and then transferred to the winning bidder, who can use it in sustainability reporting. For transparency, all participants can see the matched deals.

After the auction, the buyer will get an invoice due in 14 days and once payment is received the transfer of ownership is completed by delivering the CORCs to the buyer’s registry account.


Book a meeting

Book a 30 min meeting with one of advisors to explore your challenges and get valuable insights on how to become carbon neutral with CORCs.

or read more on How to become a carbon neutral company with carbon removal.


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